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Get Personally Involved In Your Medical Care


"Promoting Your Personal Medical History"

  • Do you know?
  • That over 100,000 people (in the US) die annually due to medical mistakes and medical errors.
  • Doctor’s base 80% of their diagnosis on what you tell then about your symptoms, history, and lifestyle.
  • Your medical history is like a puzzle;
    • How many doctors have you seen over your lifetime?
    • Who has ownership of all YOUR information?
    • Have you needed your history information and did not have it, or felt your physicians needed additional information?

Life Cycles Publishing, Inc. develops, promotes, and distributes innovative medical documentation materials. Our founder Gloria Lopez is the author, speaker, and consultant continually advocates and educates the importance of a personal responsibility maintaining your own medical records. Her publications will allow an individual to collect, track and share past and current information about their health with their medical professional, caregiver guidelines, and in the event there is a change in the primary caregiver.

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About Us

Gloria Lopez

Life Cycles Publishing, Inc. promotes personal medical documentation through various publications authored by Gloria Lopez; The Personal Medical Journal, My Personal Medical Journal, Personal Care Handbook Aka Survival Beyond the Caregiver, Personal Caregiver Handbook, Personal Medical Pocket Journal, and an Allergy Food Card. The books grew from personal experiences Ms. Lopez needed to track the medical history, share with the various medical specialists, and maintain the documentations for not only her son born with Spina Bifida; but also, to assist her two other children even though their medical history was not as involved, today as adults they have a record of their medical history.

With over 40 years Ms. Lopez’s extensive background with the disabled communities she offers consulting, available as a speaker, and author. When her son was born with Spina Bifida and found a big void by the medical professionals on the disability; and, the feeling of being dropped off the center of the earth to not only understand how to care for her son, but also her family. She has always felt that by offering assistance to an individual, family, or assisting a professional individual it not only helped her in her quest to learn and do more for her son and family, but to provide the assistance to others that she found was so needed in the community at various level.

Working with an individual and families with a disability, various hospitals, medical specialists, changes in insurance providers, moving to another county, changing funding providers, schools, understanding the durable and non-durable medical supplies, the changes of a young child through the evolution into adulthood provided a time of difficulty to keep all the information. She found that it was important to design books for an individual if something happened to the primary caregiver, or if an individual was independent and required caregivers that there was documentation organized and easy to use to help maintain a continuum of health, especially if there was change in the primary caregiver.

Ms. Lopez has provided a forms digital disc for the Personal Care Handbook and the Personal Caregiver Handbook in Word and Excel to customize for your personal need. Contacting the Life Cycles Publishing office today and learn more about these life-changing and life-saving books.

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