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Keep Your Medical Records & Information Accessible

Life Cycles Publishing, Inc. believes with over 100,000 people dying of medical mistakes annually and issues of changes in the medical insurance these books can provide you the opportunity to maintain personal medical history, eliminating memorization and medical errors through documentation. It also provides the tools needed when working with various professionals, service providers, and funding programs.

The items are available for purchase individually and in bulk. Consider giving them as a gift that will further aid you, your family, friends, and clients.

Care Giver and Journal Covers


  • Doctors base up to 80% of their diagnoses on what you tell them about your symptoms, history and lifestyle.
  • You are the single source for all your medical records.
  • Your health history is vital at the times during an emergency.
  • Be proactive by becoming a member of your health care professional team.
  • Do you have your personal health information when traveling or need to see a new doctor, medical facility, or a new insurance provider?

Take Control

Remember you are the single source of all your health and medical information.

Your documentation will prove to be a valuable asset any time you visit a physician, dentist, therapist, hospital, any other medical provider, or have a caregiver required to keep a continuum of health. We also offer several other helpful publications. See how easy it can be to keep your information organized. ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY!

Personal Medical Journal

My Personal Medical Journal

Food Allergy Card

Personal Care Handbook

Personal Caregiver Handbook

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