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meet the author

Gloria Lopez-Cordle & Her Quest to Simplify Medical Tracking

For more than 40 years, Gloria Lopez has worked with children with disabilities, their families, and with adults who were diagnosed with medical conditions later in life. Her books grew out of her experiences and are designed to help you or your caregiver take control of your medical needs.

Simple Beginnings

The first version of her book was the Personal Medical Journal created for her son Michael, who was born with spina bifida, which is a neural tube congenital disability. It continues to help her keep track, collect, and share Michael's extensive medical information, eliminating the need for memorizing and reiterating his medical history. Additionally, it provides medical professionals easy, accurate access to important information in an emergency. She also used the journal for her two daughters who, although healthy, now have a concise, easily-accessible medical history.

Ms. Lopez's Support Work

Ms. Lopez has helped start several support groups, including a group for parents experiencing the trauma of having a newborn in a neonatal hospital unit and local community parent support groups. She has assisted in developing a program to assist mainstream children with disabilities into local school districts in Santa Clara County, California. Ms. Lopez has been active across a range of positions in her advocacy for the disabled. She has been a speaker, a medical conference planner, an advocate for child and parental rights, and a program developer at community, state, and national levels. She was also one of the founders and an Administrative Director of the Spina Bifida Association of California, and she continues to work with hospitals regarding disability awareness and program development.

Over the years, Ms. Lopez has shown many families and individuals how to make the most of documenting their medical history. This has helped them to maintain their own accurate medical records and take a more active role in their own medical care. Pick up yours today and become an active participant in your ongoing care or the care of a loved one.

Gloria Lopez