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Frequently Asked Questions

Life Cycles Publishing Inc. is proud to offer each of her books. It is a great way to maintain an accurate medical history and medication record, and allows you to answer the questions your care providers have without having to request records from all your other providers or rely on memorization. Below, we answer the most common questions about each publication.

Personal Medical Journal, the My Personal Medical Journal, or the Personal Pocket Medical Journal:

  • When would I use the Personal Medical Journal?
    The Personal Medical Journal is used to provide an overview of your medical history, which assists medical professionals and service agencies during visits and medical emergencies.
  • How can I get my elderly parent to use it?
    Remind him or her before they go their doctor visit to take it with them. Also, remind them to have the doctor write a summary of the visit in the appropriate section to better assist the caregiver and family members.
  • Can I take this with me when I travel?
    Yes! Take it with you when are traveling for business or pleasure in the event you have a medical emergency. This is will assist not only the medical professional but also your traveling companion.

Personal Care Handbook (aka Survival Beyond the Caregiver)

  • I have a disability; will this help me?
    Yes! You will have all the information regarding your personal disability, how to manage any equipment or medical supplies you currently use and provide you with the empowerment you have your health information in a place that will assist to maintain a continuum of health.
  • I am a family member of a chronically ill individual and want to know if this handbook helps me care for my family member?
    Yes! It will help guide you to understand the diagnosis’s and how to care for your loved one. As well, how to locate and protect them with various service providers available.

Personal Caregiver Handbook

  • Can I customize this handbook for my personal use?
    Yes, there is a digital form copy available that is in Word and Excel for you to customize. As well, Ms. Lopez is available to assist you for a nominal fee to organize your personal handbook.
  • I am taking care of my elderly parent; will this help me when I hire caregivers?
    Yes, there is a hiring guideline section of how to hire, precautions to take, the caregiver duties that is being requested, funding sources, and more.
  • I have just taken over my family member caregiving responsibility, and I don’t know how to hire a caregiver or what is needed. Will your book help me?
    Yes, the handbook offers hiring guidelines, how to interview, funding sources that may be available to assist, how to protect your loved one, and more.

Food Allergy Card

  • I have food allergies, what does do for me?
    Present to a hostess/host, manager, or chefs to notify them of food allergies you may have toward specific foods and spices. Eliminates potential cross-contamination, allowing the restaurant to prepare the food safely. One side in English and the back is in Spanish. Example: Allergy to mushrooms and the utensil is used to also prepare another food.

Helpful Hints to Maintaining Your Medical History

Write a list of questions and health concerns before your visit to the Doctor. If you did not have a chance to write them down beforehand, take the opportunity to write them down while you are waiting to be called to your appointment with the doctor. Make sure you ask the doctor to simplify his or her analysis or diagnosis so that you understand what they are telling you. Ask for written material or to draw a picture that shows the area of concern. It is important that the doctor is aware of the allergies you may have, including food or any type of medical or dietary supplements. This will help to ensure there is not a conflict or allergic reaction.

Make sure you ask what the purpose is for any test or procedure that the doctor may order. This includes important items such as:

• If There Will Be Any Side Effects
• What Preparation is Needed Before or After the Test
• Checking if There is a Reaction to Food and Allergies

Most importantly, make sure you ask your medical professional for a copy of your medical reports, X-rays, laboratory reports, office visits, and any surgical procedures that they may have in their files. It is important to maintain this information for your personal records.

Frequent Comments & Responses

"I can finally take control of my medical history."

"Now I won't have to memorize every detail and hope that it is correct. There are many times I hoped I was giving the correct information to the doctor."

"This will be so helpful for my parents. Now I will be able to assist them when I need to accompany them to their doctor visit."

"I have a child with many medical needs and this will be so helpful."

"Finally, something to help be organized with my medical history - so helpful!"

"Great! A medical history book that will help me for the rest of life."

"After my accident I have found this book so invaluable. It has not only assisted me when I am asked a question from a doctor or a therapist, but also the knowledge that I will be able to keep a medical record of what happened for the rest of my life. I will not need to memorize it or look for the paperwork. It is all in my journal."

"This is what my patients need."